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Friday, 8 January 2016

I Am Kloot - Hold Back the Night…. Mixed and Mastered

Manchester based I Am Kloot asked Keir Stewart to mix the double live album "Hold Back the Night"

Services included:

Mixdown of all songs, 24bit 48kHz masters, vinyl formatting, DDP images for CD audio disks, mp3s and AAC for iTunes.

Mastering included use of Apogee AD-16x converters, Fairchild Valve Mastering Equalizers, AML EZ1073 Equalisers, NuGen Limiters and Protools 11.

All stages of mixing and mastering were completed at the Manchester Recording Studios.

‘Hold Back The Night’ is drawn from the band’s catalogue and includes tracks from 2010’s Mercury nominated ‘Sky At Night’ and their last studio album, 2013’s ‘Let It All In’, alongside earlier gems such as ‘Twist’ and ‘86 TVs’, recorded on I Am Kloot’s 2013 winter tour.

1. These Days Are Mine
2. Northern Skies
3. 86 TVs
4. Bullets
5. One Man Brawl
6. Let Them All In
7. Shoeless
8. Hold Back The Night
9. I Still Do
10. Fingerprints
11. Morning Rain
12. To The Brink
13. Some Better Day
14. Lately
15. Dead Men’s Cigarettes
16. Radiation
17. Proof
18. Because
19. Twist
20. From Your Favourite Sky
21. The Moon Is A Blind Eye *
22. No Fear Of Falling *
23. Mouth On Me *
24. Dark Star *
25. Same Deep Water As Me *
26. Life In A Day *
* = Bonus Digital Download

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