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Friday, 6 February 2009

Doves Recording Sessions Recruit Gospel Choir...

Northern soundscape legends "The Doves" recruited some extra help last friday at the Recording Studios in Manchester, as the northern choir group led by vocal genius "Tindale" stepped in & spread some soulful choral garnish over a new Doves project. Session started off quiet and civilized, and ended with the whole band, engineers & management being serenaded by the 20+ strong choir. They belted out an amazing version of "Oh Happy Day" at the end of the session with Tindale doing some amazing piano accompaniment. The night ended with an amazingly brave round of drinks bought by the band for ALL the singers involved

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  1. no cam = phone cam - lone cam, red light, fairlight, moon bright, choir tight, long night, sips quite, quips right, no fight. Bigup!